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Honours 2nd Year Result 2019: National University 2nd Year examination happened from 1st December 2018 to 4th February 2019. But the Honours Second Year result not published yet. It’s draw a conflict to Crush Program of National University. This time candidates from 2016-17 Regular batch and 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 session irregular batch and improvement batch has attend the examination.

National University Second Year result will published soon. NU Honours 2nd year examination results will be published on  May 2019 at 4PM.

Exact Date and Time for NU Honours Second Year Result 2019 Publish

National University has a rapid result published system Called National University Crush Program. It helps National University to low down the waiting time for result after exam happened. The program also helps NU to control the session jam. And finally it brings a fresh air to the students of National University.

Under Crush Program NU must have to published all of their result within max of three months after exam happened. But this time, three months over for Honors 2nd Year Result. But still now NU not announce any notice for NU Honours 2nd Year Result. Hopefully the result will published soon. And You can check the result from our website.

National University published Honours 2nd Year Result in two method. Firstly, they published Honours 2nd year result online on their official two listed website. www.nu.ac.bd/results and www.nubd.info is those website. But on the day of results their will be a huge pressure on their website. So, if you want to know your result first, please visit our site newresultbd.com. Secondly, NU published the Hons Second Years result 2019 through SMS method at 4PM on the same day of result.

How to get National University 2nd Year Result 2019?

National University Published Honours Second Year Result 2019. There are two method for check the result. Any student can check their result via any of this method. The methods are below,

First, visit the NU official website www.nu.ac.bd/results or you can visit our website.

After that, click on Honours Tab and Click 2nd Year. A form will appear with requiring 3 information including Roll/Reg. NO, Exam Year and Captcha Code.

Then, On the Roll/Reg. NO, type the Roll or Registration number from your Admit Card

Next, Fill the Exam Year with the year you attend the exam. Keep in mind, this not the year the exam really happening. This the year of exam which listed on the paper. For this time, this should be 2018.

Then that, This is the field for Captcha Box. You will see a Captcha mean a image contains some random text or number before the box. Type the word or numbers in the box below.

Finally, press the Search Result Button. If you imputed all the information correctly, your result will be appear on the next window on your screen.

NB, Few times their was a problem with captcha. If you got a message The Captcha Code Doesn’t Match! After click Search Result button. Then type the new Captcha Code correctly  to get the result. Please disable all the add blocker to check the result properly.


Alternative way to get Result using College Wise Method.

There are an alternative way to check the National University 2nd Year Result 2019. NU publish the Honours 2nd Year result for student on their site. But they another college wise result for college authority. As if this for only College Authority, any student is unable to check the Honours College wise result 2019. In this post we will describe the method how to check the college wise result individually.

On the result day, for a huge visitor pressure on the official site, its got harder to get the result. So, this method will helps the students to get their Honours 2nd Year Result 2019 first. The Method is comment your Roll, Registration Number below.

Honours Result


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  1. 7239248,15228163589 2019

    1. Honours Second Year Examination-2018

      Name of Student : MD. KAMRUL HASAN
      Name of College : (4201) NOAKHALI GOVT. COLLEGE, NOAKHALI
      Exam Roll : 8264086
      Registration no. : 15228163589
      Session : 2015-16
      Subject : (28) CHEMISTRY
      Result : Not Promoted

      Marks detail
      Paper Code Paper Title Total Marks/Credit Obtained Marks/LG
      221109 ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) 100 PASS
      222801 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY-II 100 Fail
      222803 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 100 Fail
      223707 CALCULUS-II 100 C+
      223708 MATH LAB (PRACTICAL) 50 A-

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